Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Efficient Cooling in the Twin Cities

Cleaning your air duct system and dryer vents are important for saving energy and making sure your furnace and dryer are working well. Something else you don’t want to overlook is your air conditioner. Air conditioner condenser coils release the heat absorbed in your home. A fan helps to pull air through the coils cooling them down, when the coils are blocked with debris, the coils cannot cool down efficiently.

Air conditioner units are installed outside, and every day they are exposed to dirt, leaves, grass clippings, cottonwood and other debris. Vent Guys can clean the coils to help the air conditioner work properly and reduce your cooling bill in the hot summer months. Cleaning the condenser coils that surround the air conditioner unit is essential to keep your air conditioner working well.

Air conditioners are expensive to replace and routine cleaning of the condenser coils will help ensure that your air conditioner works less to keep your home cool thus lasting longer. Condenser coil cleaning should be performed as needed, typically annually or more often to maintain optimal performance. Calling Vent Guys to come out and clean your AC unit will help prevent calls to the repairman on those hot summer days.

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