Spring Cleaning & Chimney Repair Go Hand-in-Hand

It’s wonderful to enjoy a crackling fire when it’s cold outside. But after the long winter months are over, it’s nice to give the house a good spring cleaning. There’s something about being able to enjoy the warm outside air that makes it especially compelling to get indoor spaces freshened up. But how fresh can your home truly be if the chimney hasn’t been inspected, cleaned, and repaired? Spring is not only a great time for spring cleaning but also chimney repair for your Twin Cities area home. 

Twin Cities Chimney Repair

Most chimneys consist of several parts; a chimney liner, a damper, a smoke chamber, heat-resistant bricks, a slab, and a screen. In order for your chimney to work correctly and funnel fumes, debris, and embers out of your home, all of these parts must be in working order. There are also aesthetics to consider. Common unsightly chimney problems can include broken bricks, crushed or fallen slabs, and defective dampers. All of these issues must be addressed as soon as possible so don’t hesitate to schedule any much-needed chimney repair.

And, in the spring, it’s even easier to schedule a cleaning at a time that’s convenient for you.  Homeowners usually think of chimney maintenance in autumn, when cold weather is around the corner. So, if you schedule yours in the spring you can beat the rush.

Getting your fireplace cleaned in springtime will also help to eliminate fireplace smells, which get much worse in warmer weather. A thoroughly clean and swept flue and fireplace make for a cleaner, fresher-smelling home.

By scheduling your chimney repair now, you can even reduce the possibility of corrosion caused by emissions such as creosote. When they are left on the flue liner and moisture gets in, the result could be serious damage which requires costly repairs.

The severity of any damage sustained over the winter and the extent of needed improvements can be determined by a thorough evaluation performed by us at Vent Guys. We offer all levels of chimney inspections which will check the soundness of the structure and flue, basic connections, and damper functionality. In addition, our technician will ensure the chimney is free of obstruction and combustible deposits.

There’s something about spring cleaning a home that just feels great, and it’s even better when the chimney is clean and repaired as well. Contact us today! For reliable and professional chimney repair in the Twin Cities area, call the Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us and Request Service.

Is Dryer Vent Cleaning on Your Spring To-do List?

Spring is finally here; the time of year for washing windows, sweeping the house and pulling weeds from the garden. It’s also a great time to take care of essential dryer vent cleaning. As the trusted name in dryer vent cleaning for Eagan and the surrounding areas, we are here to explain why every homeowner should include this important task on their spring cleaning checklist.

dryer vent cleaning Eagan

While working outside the house this spring, you may notice that your dryer vent cap is damaged or covered with lint and other debris. Dryer vent cleaning and repair is necessary if the winter weather, small animals, or usual buildup have caused damage over the past few months. Think about what happens to all the dust and lint that is getting pushed through the vent and duct. Some of it will make its way outside, but not all of it will be this lucky. Some will stick to the dryer vent’s walls and more of it will grab onto the first piece and begin to make a large clog. Our dryer vent cleaning company is here to help! An annual professional dryer vent cleaning is hands down the best way to keep your dryer running safely and efficiently.

It is also important to keep in mind that it is in no way normal for even older dryers to take more than one cycle to dry a load of laundry. This can be a sure sign of an air-flow problem, likely caused by lint build-up in the dryer duct. This lint build-up can start a house fire and even act as a fire accelerant, spreading the flames out of control throughout the home.

Dryer vent cleaning will help keep your dryer ducts clean, increase your dryer’s air-flow, save energy and improve your dryer’s performance. Most importantly, it will help keep you and your family safe from dryer fires.

If you haven’t had your dryer vent cleaned in quite some time or if you simply notice a build up of lint during your spring cleaning; now is a great time to schedule essential dryer vent cleaning from the professionals at The Vent Guys. Though there are some at-home, do-it-yourself solutions as well as vent cleaning kits, these aren’t nearly as effective as hiring a professional. A dryer vent cleaning company like Vent Guys has the expert tools and experience necessary to get your system cleaned right the first time.

Are you interested in getting some more information about dryer vent cleaning for your Eagan area home or business? Call the Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us and Request Service.

Common Chimney Repairs

A chimney that receives regular maintenance should give many years of safe and efficient service. However, once a chimney passes into old age, certain problems can arise more frequently. With proper maintenance and repairs this spring, your chimney can work just as well as its younger counterparts. As the trusted name in chimney repair for Edina and the surrounding areas, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common chimney repairs that can help enhance your chimney this spring. 

chimney repair Edina

Tuck Pointing

The bricks and mortar that make up your chimney are likely old. That means there may be signs of cracking and decay in parts of the masonry or throughout the system, leaving the structure vulnerable to seeping water, a chimney’s worst enemy. With tuck pointing, the old mortar is removed by use of a diamond-blade saw, and new mortar applied, restoring the integrity of the chimney structure.

Brick Replacement

Sometimes it isn’t the mortar that needs replacement, it’s the brick. In cases when most of the chimney is healthy and intact with the exception of a few bricks, those in disrepair can be replaced by new bricks.

Chimney Rebuilds

Loose, deteriorated bricks or spalling and decayed mortar that holds the bricks together can eventually cause the chimney to begin leaning to one side and possibly even collapse. When structural damage like this occurs, a chimney rebuild is necessary. A partial rebuild can also be done in cases where a portion of the structure is salvageable. A newly constructed concrete crown finishes up the project. Upon completion, a waterproof sealant is applied to preserve the integrity of the chimney and to protect your investment.

Crown Repair

There is a concrete chimney crown that covers the entirety of the chimney and its overhang should extend outward at least 2 inches in order to protect the chimney chase from water damage. It is often the first part of the chimney to show signs of wear and serves as a barometer of the chimney’s health overall. Any cracks should be promptly repaired to avoid damage to the chimney interior. Depending on the extent of disrepair, our masons can perform crown repair or a complete rebuild of the crown, finishing with a waterproof sealant.

Chimney Lining

Chimney liners provide an extra layer of protection between the chimney wall and your home. This additional protection is critical, as defects commonly appear in the chimney wall, beginning a process that gradually erodes the chimney. As the chimney wall gives way to deterioration, the potential arises for the infiltration of smoke and gases into your home, as well as damage to your home’s interior. A chimney inspection can determine a liner’s condition and if chimney repair is necessary.

Do you have a chimney in need of chimney repair this spring? When you need reliable and professional chimney repair in the Edina area, call Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us and Request Service.

Reasons Chimney Repair Should Be On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Has your chimney been acting up this winter? Many homeowners go on to forget these issues come spring and neglect to perform end of season maintenance for their fireplace. This can end up costing them lots of money down the line. If you want to do things right and ensure your fireplace and chimney stay strong and healthy for years, you should invest in chimney repair and cleaning come spring. As the trusted name in chimney repair for Eden Prairie and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more reasons chimney repair should be on your spring cleaning to-do list.

contractor inspecting chimney in Eden Prairie

Overall Safety. Chimney issues can pose a potential danger to your home and family. That is why routine cleaning, maintenance and repair should be taken seriously. For your chimney to work correctly and funnel fumes, debris, and embers out of your home, all of its parts must be in working order. Many homeowners do not even think about chimney maintenance until temperatures start to cool down again and by then even more damage may have occurred. By noting any issues early during the warm season and addressing them before the cold and busy season returns, your fireplace will be ready for use when the cold strikes.

Harmful Deposits. Another reason to schedule maintenance early is to remove creosote deposits that have built up over the winter. Creosote is harmful to your system and is highly flammable. If you decide to light up a fire on a cool stormy spring night, you could face a higher risk of a chimney fire if these deposits are not cleaned out from winter. Creosote can also cause an odor in your house when mixed with the humid air of summer.

Efficiency & Aesthetics. We are experts in repairing brick on chimneys to not only get them functioning as they should but looking as they should as well. In fact, we can provide a wide variety of chimney repair services including:

  • Tuck pointing
  • Crown repair
  • Chimney sealing
  • Masonry and brickwork
  • Chimney rebuilds
  • Replacing chimney caps, flues or dampers
  • Chimney lining or relining
  • And more

Interested in scheduling your spring or summer chimney repair? Give us a call at Vent Guys. Annual cleaning and inspection is the best way to keep your chimney safe and working efficiently. We offer inspection which will check the soundness of the structure and flue, basic connections and damper functionality. In addition, our chimney repair technician will ensure the chimney is free of obstruction and combustible deposits.

For reliable and professional chimney repair for your Eden Prairie area home or business call Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us

Could Your Home Benefit From Furnace Duct Cleaning this Winter?

The cold weather has arrived and Minnesota residents have no doubt been running their furnaces for months now. Have you noticed any warning signs that could indicate the need for furnace duct cleaning at your home? The EPA recommends that you have your ducts cleaned if you notice:

  • Excessive amounts of dust buildup.
  • Construction dust.
  • Pet dander.

Notice any of these signs? Then you absolutely need to have your furnace ducts cleaned as soon as possible.

Twin Cities Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Before

Don’t see the signs but still wondering if you should have your ducts cleaned for peace of mind? Contact the experts in furnace duct cleaning for the Twin Cities, Vent Guys, and we’ll help you make an informed decision on whether or not to schedule a furnace duct cleaning.

Dust, pet fur, debris, pathogens, allergens, chemicals, dust mites—all of these contaminants can become trapped inside your air ducts over time, and as the air moves through the system, it passes through these dirty ducts, redistributing the dirt throughout your home or depositing it in the ducts for it to build up over time. Air duct cleaning or furnace duct cleaning can dramatically reduce the number of contaminants present in your home’s indoor air.

Cleaning away dirt and debris trapped in your furnace system will also greatly improve your furnace’s efficiency. This happens by increasing air flow within the system and allowing it to distribute air throughout the house more quickly and with less effort. Regular cleaning of the air ducts also minimizes dust and debris entering the furnace, thereby helping to prevent clogging of the unit.

Think about it—less debris in your system means your system has to strain less to blow warm air into your home. And when your furnace doesn’t have to overexert itself to warm your home, you spend less money on monthly heating bills.

Ready to help your furnace run more efficiently? When you call Vent Guys we can customize an air duct cleaning schedule to meet your specific wants and needs. The furnace duct cleaning process takes just a few hours and depends on the square footage and amount of vent openings in your home. We employ a variety of methods to clean each system that we work on.

Don’t forget one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy and efficient home this winter; furnace duct cleaning! To set up furnace duct cleaning for your Twin Cities home, call Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us.

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