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Apartment complexes, town home associations, nursing homes, assisted living facilities as well as commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area all have laundry equipment that is routinely used. Because of this heavy use, regular dryer vent cleaning is necessary to keep buildings and residents safe from dryer fires.

Prevent Dryer Fires

Dryer vent fires in commercial structures are the cause of 400 injuries and 15 deaths annually. Half of the fires in commercial dryer vents start from within the lint trap due to improper maintenance of the dryer’s venting system. The lint filter trap in a dryer only captures about 70 percent of the lint. The remaining lint is sent into the dryer’s ducting. Over time the lint sticks to the inside of the venting and accumulates. This highly flammable lint can get heated to the point of ignition causing a serious risk of fire.

According to the United States Fire Administration, there are more than $100 million in losses from clothes dryer related fires. Clothes dryer fires involving commercial buildings have a 78 percent higher injury rate than residential dryer fires.

Contact Vent Guys for Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Contacting Vent Guys is your first step in protecting your residents from dryer vent fires. Our team of highly trained professionals take pride in our work. We will not only clean your dryer vent systems, but we will also make note of any issues and make recommendations if there are any ways to make your dryer vent systems safer and more efficient.

Vent Guys beats all competitive bids and will exceed your service expectations! Apartments and town home complexes that have either community laundry rooms or laundry facilities in each individual unit can contact us for an inspection or a quote to get the dryer vents cleaned. We work with many management companies in the Twin Cities area and provide unparalleled service to our loyal customers.

Whether you are looking to clean some of your problem dryer vents or you want routine cleaning of all the vents at your facility, Vent Guys will take care of you. In addition, if you need laundromat or industrial dryer vent cleaning services, you can depend on Vent Guys of Minneapolis.

Make Vent Guys your first call for all your commercial dryer vent cleaning, repair, improvement and installation needs in the Twin Cities. Give us a call at 612-492-1342 or contact us today!

Customer Testimonials

"Called vent Guys, because I thought something was burning when I used my dryer. It turns out the vent wasn't hooked up to my dryer. I needed a new vent connection. It's a good thing I called, because it could of been a fire." - Connie, Oakdale

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