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Many Americans spend most of their time indoors where some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. That is why it is so important to ensure indoor air quality both at home and in the office. When was the last time you had the ducts cleaned in your home or office? Proper maintenance and cleaning of your ducts can help reduce indoor air pollution ensuring proper air quality and a healthier breathing environment. At Vent Guys, we offer duct cleaning for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas and can help you keep your ducts clear and functioning as they should.

Whether you own a home or business, dust, allergens and pollutants treat everyone the same. They build up in HVAC systems and get transferred around your building. Indoor air pollutants can cause serious health problems for family members or employees who have respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders or environmental allergies. Routine, professional duct cleaning can help drastically reduce the amount of dirt, dust and allergens that circulate throughout the building, resulting in a cleaner, safer, healthier environment.

In addition to cleaner air, you can save money on heating and cooling bills by helping the HVAC system run more efficiently. Plus, helping your HVAC system run easier will help it last longer. Saving money on maintenance and equipment costs is always a plus for any home or business owner.

Ready to get started? Give us a call and we can tell you about the duct cleaning and the other services we provide to make homes and businesses safer and more energy efficient.

Professional Duct Cleaning from Vent Guys

We are the duct cleaning company the Minneapolis area depend on for all of their professional duct cleaning needs. Vent Guys is a locally owned business that has been serving the Twin Cities area since 2005. We take pride in our honest work and professional advice. Our well-trained team of experts provides personalized services for single-family homes, apartments, town homes or businesses.

We employ a variety of methods to clean each venting system that we work on. We hook our vacuum up to the system to put a negative air pressure on the system while using our scorpion and predator air scrubbers to help push the debris into the vacuum.

When you call Vent Guys we can customize an air duct cleaning schedule to meet your specific wants and needs. Give us a call today and we can tell you more about it!

Contact Us about Duct Cleaning

If you are interested in learning more about duct cleaning for your Minneapolis home or business, call Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us today.

Customer Testimonials

"Called vent Guys, because I thought something was burning when I used my dryer. It turns out the vent wasn't hooked up to my dryer. I needed a new vent connection. It's a good thing I called, because it could of been a fire." - Connie, Oakdale

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