Magic-Pak Cleaning Plymouth

When was the last time you had Magic-Pak cleaning performed at your property? Magic-Pak cleaning should be performed once per year to ensure safe and efficient operation. At Vent Guys, we offer professional Magic-Pak cleaning for the Plymouth area and we can custom tailor the cleaning to meet your needs. We will make appropriate recommendations based on the condition of the units, how well they have been maintained and how long it has been since their last cleaning.

Plymouth Magic Pak cleaning

In order to dramatically reduce the downtime of your units, you must schedule routine Magic-Pak cleaning. When you schedule your cleaning with us, a Vent Guys technician will come out to your property and provide a thorough cleaning of all of your building’s units. 

Preventative maintenance is always better than costly repairs. With regular Magic-Pak cleaning, you will keep your residents comfortable and eliminate most emergency service calls for leaks or other issues caused by an unclean unit. Call today to schedule Magic-Pak cleaning for your property.

Reasons to Schedule Magic-Pak Cleaning

Over our years working with multi-housing facilities, we have gained knowledge of Magic-Pak units and have developed a process for effectively cleaning these units. We understand that clean units will create better air flow and ensure the best operation of each nit for years to come. Here’s why:

Both the evaporator and condenser coils of your Magic-Pak units have a tendency to attract dirt and debris. This is primarily because their surfaces are almost always damp from water condensation. In addition, the cooling fins can serve as perfect places for dirt to collect. Dust is the most common contaminant you’ll find on these coils. Even inside your home or business, there’s always plenty of dust and pollen to coat the evaporator coils. Regularly replacing air filters can help, but over time the coils will inevitably become dirty.

Magic-Pak cleaning is also particularly important to maintain proper air-quality. Mold and bacteria may accumulate inside the system. The only way to remove it is with a physical cleaning. In addition to increasing your unit’s lifespan, proper Magic-Pak cleaning can reduce your monthly energy costs. Routine maintenance can even significantly lower your energy bill.

If you would like to have the Magic Pak, Comfort Pack or Skypak units professionally cleaned at your facility, contact the experts at Vent Guys. We will view the property and provide an estimate based on the number of units to be cleaned. Once approved, we’ll schedule a day that works well for you and the residents at your facility.

Contact Us about Magic Pak Cleaning

Interested in setting up Magic Pak cleaning for your Plymouth area home or commercial property? Call Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us.

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