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St Paul Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning BeforeHave you been neglecting your vents? Your dryer vents are essential areas of the home often forgotten during regular cleanings. Vent cleaning is an important part of the cleaning routine to ensure the efficiency of your dryer and to prevent fires. So, it is essential that the condition of your dryer vents are habitually checked to see if they need cleaning. At Vent Guys, we offer vent cleaning for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas and can help you keep your vents clear and functioning as they should.

This essential home maintenance task is important for the overall efficiency of your appliances and most importantly, the safety of your family.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 2,900 home fires are started by clothes dryers, and the leading cause of these fires is a buildup of lint due to lack of simple maintenance and cleaning. Maintaining your dryer vents can help prevent a destructive and dangerous fire.

So, don’t put off this essential maintenance task any longer! Give us a call and we can help in cleaning, installing and repairing dryer vents. We also provide additional services to make homes and businesses safer and more energy efficient.

Vent Cleaning from Vent Guys

We are the vent cleaning company Minneapolis depends on for all of its professional vent cleaning needs. Vent Guys is a locally owned business that has been serving the Twin Cities area since 2005. We take pride in our honest work and professional advice. Our well-trained team of experts provides personalized services for single-family homes, apartments, town homes or businesses.

When you call Vent Guys we can customize a vent cleaning schedule to meet your specific wants and needs. Then we will get to work cleaning as quickly as possible and as thoroughly as possible. We employ a variety of methods to clean each venting system that we work on.

And, vent cleaning is a relatively quick process! Depending on the size of the job, it usually only takes a few hours. So, don’t put off your home’s vent cleaning any longer! Contact the professionals at Vent Guys and we can tell you more about this essential service and get your vent cleaning scheduled as soon as possible.

Contact Us about Vent Cleaning

When you need reliable and professional vent cleaning in the Twin Cities, call the Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us and Request Service.

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