Should Air Ducts be Cleaned Following a Home Renovation?

2020 was tough on people for many reasons. COVID-19 closed businesses and entertainment spaces, causing people to spend more time at home. With the pandemic and stay-at-home orders lasting longer than anticipated, many began to re-evaluate their home living space. Home offices or additions were no longer something people wanted but something they needed. Thus, came the surge in home renovations.

Even with increased prices for lumber and supplies, people continued to move forward with their home remodeling plans. Although things are opening back up now, people have a whole new outlook on what home is. Many people are not returning to the office, opting instead to work remotely from home long term. These changes and more are fueling the surge for home improvement projects. Many projects are outdoors, like adding a porch or deck, but other popular projects include adding extra rooms or converting existing rooms into home offices.

Air Duct Cleaning Woodbury

If you have been on a construction job site, you know it is often dusty and dirty. When working inside an existing home, the dust can migrate to your home ductwork system. That’s why when the renovation is complete, you should consider air duct cleaning for your Woodbury home. Professional air duct cleaning will clear out the dust and debris left from construction, so you can rest easy knowing your home, and the air you breathe, is clean.

Air duct cleaning is not a do-it-yourself project. In fact, without the proper tools and knowledge, you can cause more harm than good. Trusting professionals like the Vent Guys is your best bet. We can schedule a time to clean your air ducts. The process can take from 2-5 hours depending on the square footage of your home and the amount of vent openings. We have several methods for cleaning the vents, but typically we use a vacuum and scrubbers to thoroughly clean out all the dust and debris from your home’s ducts.

If you are currently working on a home improvement project, plan to in the near future, or just want to make sure the air you are breathing in your home is free from debris and allergens, make sure you schedule professional air duct cleaning. You will breathe easier knowing your duct system is not spreading anything but clean air around your house.

For reliable and professional air duct cleaning for Woodbury and surrounding areas, call Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us.

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