The Time for Chimney Repair is Now

This Wednesday marked the first day of fall. Is your chimney prepared for the cold months ahead? We are here to tell you now is the perfect time to take care of your chimney and any masonry repairs. Timeliness is essential in chimney repair because the longer it waits, the more damage can be done. 

An annual inspection is the best way to keep your chimney safe and efficient. And, if you’ve noticed any issues like smoke backing up into the home or chimney leaks, these issues must be addressed now. A chimney leak is often the first sign of damage and could lead to serious deterioration of the chimney masonry or some of its components if not taken care of. There’s no time to waste so schedule your chimney repair in Minnetonka today. 

chimney repair Minnetonka

Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and can get your chimneys ready for the season. They have been trained and tested on the best practices for preventing and correcting chimney and venting system hazards.

Not sure if your chimney is in need of any repairs this fall? We offer all levels of chimney inspections. Along with chimney repair, we also offer Level 1 inspections, which are a visual inspection of the exterior components such as the brick, chimney caps, and crown. Level 2 camera and Level 3 inspections are more detailed and will be done when needed or as requested.

In addition to inspection, we offer a variety of chimney repair services, including chimney lining or relining, masonry and brickwork, flashing repair, chimney sealing, chimney caps replacement, flue replacement and more.

We repair water damage, cracked bricks, cracked crowns, and more. We provide chimney rebuilding and tuck pointing. Damaged chimneys are not only unsafe but, if left unfixed, can cause more damage to the home. If there are safety issues with your chimney, our CSIA certified and experienced technicians can provide chimney repair you can depend on. Whether it’s an issue you notice or one we find when doing an inspection, we will make sure your chimney is functioning properly and preventing damage to your home.

Are you in need of reliable and professional chimney repair for your Minnetonka area home or business? Call Vent Guys at 612-492-1342 or contact us. We provide free estimates and free second looks (if another company already inspected).

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"Called vent Guys, because I thought something was burning when I used my dryer. It turns out the vent wasn't hooked up to my dryer. I needed a new vent connection. It's a good thing I called, because it could of been a fire." - Connie, Oakdale

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